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George's Story

  • Category: Hip

“ My hip replacement was scheduled for the end of March but then COVID-19 hit so we had to reschedule. I was the very first joint replacement when the Coon Joint Replacement Institute reopened. The pain was unbearable, so I am extremely glad that I received the first opportunity. It feels amazing to put that behind me and be pain free again.”

Rewind to a few months ago when the term “social distancing” was added to our vocabulary and toilet paper was nowhere to be found, George decided that he trusted his doctor and refused to continue to live in agonizing pain – even during a pandemic.

George has a history with the Coon Joint Replacement Institute and Dr. Ryan Moore. Dr. Moore replaced his right hip a year and a half ago and his left hip this May. He said, “Coming back for my second hip, I was not intimidated at all and felt even safer with the new safety protocols in place. I had a COVID test the morning of my surgery and received the results within 30 minutes. The whole care team was as careful as possible and made me feel very comfortable. They really built up my confidence in the situation and that reinforced that I made the right decision to not wait.”

George’s previous hip pain was gone immediately after the surgery and he only took one prescribed pain medication at home during the entire recovery process. Before his hip replacements, he could barely sleep or walk a quarter mile. Then just three weeks after surgery, walking three miles each day was a breeze.

George felt his entire team was accommodating and friendly and made the experience as carefree as possible. George was so carefree that he wasn’t as worried about his joint replacement but more so that Dr. Moore was a Philadelphia Flyers fan. “The Boston Bruins are my team so when I found out that Dr. Moore was a Flyers fan, I told him ‘don’t be leaving the Flyers logo on me.’ I even bought him his team’s hat so he would ‘go easy on me.’”

After George and Dr. Moore found their common ground, the rest was history. George concluded, “I wish I had three hips; it would give me a reason to come back.”