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Coon Joint Replacement Institute at Adventist Health St. Helena is known for innovation. Our founder, Dr. Thomas Coon is recognized internationally as a pioneer in the field of orthopedic surgery. Since Dr. Coon’s retirement, his colleagues—Dr. Diana and Dr. Moore— have upheld the Coon Joint Replacement Institute’s mission to provide joint replacement surgery that’s both life-changing and game-changing.

A legacy of orthopedic achievements

Dr. Coon is part of a small but influential group of orthopedic surgeons that made minimally invasive joint replacement surgery a reality. He helped invent some of the first surgical tools allowing knee replacements to be performed with much smaller incisions.

His desire to improve the patient experience also inspired him to create the Coon Joint Replacement Institute. Drawing on his experience as a physician, inventor and teacher, Dr. Coon built a program that blends safe, state-of-the-art surgical advancements with an exceptional patient experience.

Today, after working and training with Dr. Coon for many years, Drs. Diana and Moore are uniquely positioned to continue this tradition. Their expertise and welcoming manner make them some of the most sought-after joint replacement specialists on the West Coast.

Offering orthopedic advancements, sooner

If you need joint replacement surgery, you can take comfort in our track record. The Coon Joint Replacement Institute is consistently among the first in the region or country to offer procedures that help reduce pain and recovery time—with outcomes that meet or exceed national standards for health care quality and safety.

Innovative knee and hip replacement options we offer include:

  • MAKOplasty® partial knee replacement. Partial knee replacement is an option for people with osteoarthritis damage in just one part of the joint. It resurfaces the damaged portion without harming the healthy bone and tissue nearby. When this procedure is performed using MAKO technology, it means doctors use special navigation software and a robotic arm. This allows them to perform the surgery with smaller incisions and more precision.

Not only were our surgeons among the first to perform MAKOplasty partial knee replacement, Dr. Coon also aided in the design and development of the MAKO robotic arm.

  • MAKOplasty total knee replacement. MAKO technology is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to assist with total knee replacement. During total knee replacement, doctors remove the diseased bone and cartilage and replace it with an artificial implant.

The first seven MAKO total knee surgeries in the United States were performed here. And our physicians helped develop the software that drives this advanced technology.

  • OrthoSensor VERASENSETM Knee System. During total knee replacement surgery, doctors must make sure the new implant is properly positioned. VERASENSE is a small, wireless device used during surgery. It sends precise, real-time data to the surgeon about the implant position, ligament tightness and other factors related to knee stability and function.

In recent studies, patients whose knees were balanced using VERASENSE had better outcomes after surgery. These results include reduced pain, improved knee function and higher activity levels.

  • Direct anterior hip replacement. This is a minimally invasive approach to total hip replacement. Compared to traditional surgery, which requires an 8- to 12-inch incision on the side or back of the hip, this technique uses a 3- to 4-inch incision at the front of the hip. Also, surgeons who use the direct anterior approach do not have to detach any muscles or tendons. This helps make recovery shorter and less painful.

Drs. Diana and Moore have performed thousands of direct anterior hip replacements, making us one of the highest volume centers north of San Francisco.

Want to learn more about joint replacement surgery? Attend an educational seminar led by one of our surgeons.

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